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MICROWIND software comes from Toulouse, France, dedicated to provide innovative EDA solutions to the mixed-signal IC market.

With our up to date MICROWIND layout tool and design methodologies one can transfer product ideas into highly integrated ASIC and IC solutions.

MICROWIND software tool is the industry’s most comprehensive package dedicated to microelectronics and nanotechnology; deep-technology business of ASIC and custom IC design and simulation, as well as the latest in electronic design automation design.

Technically speaking, the MICROWIND is a comprehensive solution for designing and simulating microelectronic circuits at layout level with different modules for layout designs in nm scale, schematic editor, mixed signal and analog simulator, memory simulator, real-time 3D display of the atomic structure of silicon and virtual fabrication process in 3-D view, verilog and SPICE support; combined in one package.

To ensure that your ASIC design begins quickly and flows smoothly, MICROWIND includes intensive process, design, and tool training as part of your startup package. During this training, you will have the opportunity to discuss your application with our experienced designers or applications engineers.

About Dr. Etienne Sicard (Author of MICROWIND):

Dr. Etienne SICARD was born in Paris, June 1961. He received the B.S degree in 1984 and the PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toulouse, in 1987, in the laboratory LAAS of Toulouse. He was granted a Monbusho scholarship and stayed 18 months at Osaka University, Japan. Previously a professor of electronics in the Department of Physics, University of Balearic Islands, SPAIN, Etienne SICARD is currently a professor at INSA of Toulouse, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is a visiting professor at the electronic department of Carleton University, Ottawa, in 2004. At LATTIS, within the GEET academic consortium, his research interest includes several aspects of CAD Tools for the design of integrated circuits, including signal integrity in deep sub-micron CMOS ICs with focus on electromagnetic compatibility. He is also developing sound processing software for speech therapist and an educational tool for introducing signal processing.

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