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Welcome to virtual demo room of MICROWIND, where you will find compelling presentations that has become integral part of our support. You click on the FLASH videos below to view the presentations, If you feel something missing on topics then you can send us request to add videos here.

DSCH - Digital Schematic Editor & Simulator nanoLamda - Precision CMOS layout editor
    Introduction DSCH  
    How to generated Verilog and SPICE files    
    How to draw hierarchical circuits in DSCH    
    Introduction MICROWIND GUI    
    How to draw CMOS inverter layout  
    How to use Verilog Compiler    
    Using PROthumb simulator    
    Understanding MOS characteristics    
    Using parametric analyzer    
    Study of Voltage Controlled Oscillator    
    Phase Lock Loop circuit simulation    
Under Contruction  

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