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From being seen as the passion of a few technology cubs, chip design in today’s time has now moved into the big league.

Through the years our academicians have understood the fact that along with the basic structure of education, effective delivery techniques and resources to demonstrate these techniques practically is also needed. Hence the academicians have been taking efforts to train their manpower with latest EDA tools.

The academicians at various levels must have access to the latest EDA tools to prepare students for the real challenges of the industry standard IC designs.

As the pioneer in EDA field we take this our commitment to lend a hand in this cause by providing the academic community with various reasonable purchase programs for MICROWIND, and training.

"I am dedicating the tool for training purposes keeping in view the problems I had faced while making presentations on layout and ASIC designs." Prof. Etienne Sicard.

MICROWIND advantages for Curriculum

  • MICROWIND is a comprehensive layout & simulation tool that can be applied to disciplines throughout micro-electronics engineering and science.

  • MICROWIND is a program to provide students with a hands-on learning experience on nm technology.

  • MICROWIND is easy to learn and use so you can focus more of your time on teaching theory, and less on teaching programming.

To benefit the future design engineers and the instructors so that they can get a competitive edge in their careers a special discount is being offered through MWUniversity Program.

Click here to evaluate the lite version of MICROWIND