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At MICROWIND, we are very proud of our pioneering software-based solutions, and we take all measures in protecting our intellectual property.
MICROWIND regards software piracy as the crime it is, and we view offenders accordingly. We do not abide by the piracy of MICROWIND software product, and make use of all legal means available (civil and criminal) to crack down those who do so.
In addition, it is our intent to help our customers, as well as the general public, become better informed about software piracy, and to assist individuals in preventing and reporting the piracy of MICROWIND software. Such information provided by individuals will be treated as confidential.

Report Piracy
Report MICROWIND software piracy online.

What is software "piracy?"
Software "piracy" is the unauthorized possession and/or use of software. It may take many forms, including:
• unauthorized copying of software programs purchased legitimately, sometimes known as "end-user" piracy
• gaining illegal access to protected software, also known as "cracking"
• reproducing and/or distributing counterfeit or otherwise unauthorized software, often over the Internet
Because a software pirate does not have proper permission from the software owner to take or use the software in question, piracy is the equivalent of theft and, therefore, a crime.

Who can be held liable for piracy? What are the penalties?
Anyone who possesses or uses pirated software is potentially liable for piracy. This includes not only the sophisticated commercial counterfeiter, but also an individual user of a single pirated program.

What are the ill effects of piracy?
Software piracy adds to the costs of doing business for software companies. Piracy costs billions of dollars in lost productivity and drains enormous resources away from research & development. In addition, pirated software lacks any warranty coverage, and users cannot obtain technical support.

Why we should work so hard to stop piracy?
Ultimately, we are all affected when piracy impacts the pace of innovation and the price of software on the market. More importantly, piracy of any software unfairly affects the honest customers who compete against those who have illegally obtained access to the products.

Why is it so important to report piracy?
Although MICROWIND has an anti-piracy team dedicated to discovering and stopping piracy of MICROWIND software products, MICROWIND also makes use of information provided by outside sources to track down piracy. Individuals who report piracy to MICROWIND are a vital part of this effort, and the information provided helps MICROWIND investigate and thwart illegal activity.

What do someone do if they suspect someone of piracy?
If someone suspect that piracy is occurring, whether it be a friend, an employer, a web site offering counterfeit software, or otherwise, they should report your suspicions to MICROWIND in confidence.

What will be the actions if someone report any MICROWIND piracy?
The information you provide will be analyzed by MICROWIND's anti-piracy team, which includes legal, technical, and other representatives around the world. The ultimate result in a case may take many forms, including a warning ("cease and desist") letter, direct removal of offending material (as in the case of a web site offering counterfeit software products), civil enforcement proceedings, or referral to law enforcement authorities.

What do someone do if they got the MICROWIND software through unauthorized sources? Is that a piracy?
If someone believe they have inadvertently been involved in the piracy of MICROWIND software, they should nevertheless report the circumstances and obtain a valid license from MICROWIND. Generally, it is not MICROWIND's policy to punish minor or unintentional piracy when the user takes appropriate steps to legalize the use.

How can someone tell if a vendor has the authorization to sell another company's software?
A comprehensive explanation of MICROWIND's authorized distribution network may be found at MICROWIND's Channel Partner Program site.

MICROWIND has awarded all sales and licensing rights to ni2designs, which is constantly adding new resellers and other channel partners, so you should contact at if you have any doubt as to the legitimacy of any particular vendor.

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