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In our continued and collaborative efforts for excellence in service delivery and product quality, MICROWIND has been making significant improvements in its previous release version 3.0.

We proudly announce the launch of newly improved MICROWIND version 3.1 with many new and exciting features.

    User-friendly environment for rapid design of logic circuits.  
    Introduction of 45nm technology design rule file.  
    A spectacular command “3D View of the IC” which enables to draw real-time images of the layout and navigate in fill-3D on the surface or inside the IC based on OpenGL and offers outstanding picture quality. The user can modify the viewing position in X,Y,Z and play with light sources to create illustrative views of the layout.  
    Global Crosstalk Evaluation effect based on analytical approximations of the coupling amplitude.  
    Global Delay Evaluation at integrated circuit level, to evaluate the delay of each interconnects, in a global way thanks to analytical approximations.  
    A very useful command Invert Diffusion N <-> P to invert the nature of the diffusion.  
    Improved Label List for on screen documentation.  
    Mathematical Signal Description for user's defined equation to create virtually any type of waveform.  
    Totally new companion software tutorial “silicon” to give a user's controlled 3D view of silicon atoms such as SiO2. The 3D view of the lattice shows the regular aspect of Si atoms and the very specific properties of the material.  
    Metallization macros which ease the addition of contacts in the layout have been updated to handle up to 8 layers of metal especially for 45nm technology.  
    Improved and new Help on Design Rules.  
    Zoom In Navigator that eases the navigation in the case of very large designs.  
    USB dongle based licensing both in Network PC base and Standalone PC base.  

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