MICROWIND Advantages for Curriculum

Microwind Advantage

Microwind is a comprehensive layout & simulation tool that can be applied to disciplines throughout micro-electronics engineering and science.


Teaching Focus

Microwind is easy to learn and use so that you can focus more of your time on teaching theory, and less on teaching programming.


Technology Exploration

MICROWIND offers various technologies uptill FinFet nanometer transistors, allowing students to practice various design technique based on technology and adaptation in CMOS transistor characteristics.


Better Career Prospectus

Microwind benefits the future design engineers and the instructors so that they can get a competitive edge in their careers by having skilled knowledge on CMOS circuits; all this at practiced concepts, which attracts the employers.


University Program

The MICROWIND University Package is developed around the needs and requirements expressed by faculty involved primarily with the education of undergraduate CMOS and mixed-signal layout design engineers or postgraduate Microelectronics engineering.


MW University

The MWUniversity Program provides access to state-of-the-art CMOS VLSI design and layout tools and ASIC development software tools to colleges and universities all over the world.
With the help of the MWUniversity Program, tomorrow's designers can gain valuable experience with the latest design methodologies in the nano-meter era.
Any accredited university or college worldwide that actively instructs students in digital logic and CMOS VLSI or ASIC design can apply to join the MWUniversity Program. Under the MWUniversity Program your school will be entitled to full-featured version of the MICROWIND and DSCH layout design and development software subscriptions at a very low cost.
Please contact us for more details on prices and queries.


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