At MICROWIND we offer the most comprehensive catalog of trainings for engineers and education institutes in the areas of IC Designs, CMOS Circuit Design and Mixed-Signal Simulation.

Together with our training partners, we can help define training paths to ensure the required goals are achieved. We align requirements with objectives and expected results with success.

Our official training partner ni2designs is the leader and primary provider of training & e-learning solutions for MICROWIND. Having certified thousands of engineers and professionals around the globe, ni2designs provides the most comprehensive and extensive portfolio of e-Learning courseware for CMOS Design practices.

We specialize in serving the needs of the composite, critical and software-intensive end of the IC designs. Because these are challenging environments which require both skill and experience, MICROWIND in collaboration with ni2designs has developed a series of training courses designed to teach both best practices for MICROWIND usage and how to implement this in the working environment.

Our training course program combines a mixture of theory and practice to help users with the knowledge and techniques required for delivering high quality projects in shorter timescales.

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