The MICROWIND software allows the designer to simulate and design an integrated circuit at physical description level. Born in Toulouse (France), Microwind is an innovative CMOS design tool for educational market.

Microwind is developed as comprehensive package on windows platform to enable students to learn smart design methods and techniques with more practice. With inbuilt layout editing tools, mix-signal simulator, MOS characteristic viewer and more, it allows students to learn complete design process with ease.

Microwind unifies schematic entry, pattern based simulator, SPICE extraction of schematic, Verilog extractor, layout compilation, on layout mix-signal circuit simulation, cross sectional & 3D viewer, netlist extraction, BSIM4 tutorial on MOS devices and sign-off correlation to deliver unmatched design performance and productivity.

With its approach for CMOS design education, Microwind has gained lot followers worldwide. Universities across the globe are using Microwind for budding engineers to teach CMOS concepts with ease. Paving their path for more skilled softwares to be used at later stage of their course work.


A user friendly schematic editor for mix-signal circuits.

Nano lambda

Precision CMOS layout editor, which nano technologies support.

Virtual Fab

You will never touch deep-sub micron technology like before.


A valuable screen to understand the MOS characteristics.


External simulator is needed for verification of CMOS circuits. The analog simulator is BUILT-IN.


Non Volatile Floating Gate Memory Simulators

Ready to learn about CMOS