Touch the Deep-Sub Micron Technology


You will never teach deep-sub micron technology like before. As VirtualFab offers you a facility to analyze and view cross sectional view of silicon layers and 3D view of circuits. With MICROWIND v3.5 a spectacular facility has been added to VirtualFab which enables to draw real-time images of the layout and navigate in full-3D on the surface or inside the IC. This command is based on OpenGL and offers outstanding picture quality. The user can modify the viewing position in X,Y,Z and play with light sources to create illustrative views of the layout.


  • 3D fabrication process simulator with cross sectional viewer.
  • Step-by-step 3-D visualization of fabrication for any portion of layout.
  • See how the contacts and metallizations are created.
  • See the self-aligned diffusion after the polysilicon gate is fabricated.
  • Check planes of VDD, VSS, and others signals.
  • Check the oxide structure, the low dielectric (Low K) and high K (SiO2) Sandwich, and passivation.
  • User can check the gate oxide and the MOS lateral drain diffusion structure.
  • Advanced 3D layout view with GEL technology
  • 2D cross sectional viewer with strain technology support.

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