Mixed Signal Simulation and Analysis


No SPICE or external simulator is needed for verification of CMOS circuits. Microwind program has in built analog like simulator which supports MOS Level 1, Level 3 or BSIM4 model. With features like fast time-domain, voltage and current estimation, very intuitive post processing, frequency estimation, delay estimation, makes PROthumb a time saver. Even power estimation of circuit simulation can be checked on-screen.


  • Features fast time-domain, voltage and current estimation, with very intuitive post processing:
    frequency estimation, delay estimation. (No external SPICE/ analog Simulator required).
  • Supports level1, level3 and BSIM4 models for all technologies from 1.2µm till 14 nm. 
  • MOS characteristic viewer with access to parameters of main model.
  • Ability to label nodes allows intuitive control of the simulation (Supply, clock, pulse, PWL, sinus, maths).
  • Dump simulation results in CSV format for statistical analysis.
  • Time-domain voltage and current waveforms available at the press of one single button.
  • DC/AC characteristics, signal frequency vs. time, eye diagrams. Min/Typ/Max analog simulation.
  • Convenient Monte-carlo simulation.
  • Powerful Fast-Fourier Transform to support radio-frequency circuit simulation.
  • Eye diagram view for signal output.
  • On screen power estimation.
  • Sophisticated parametric simulation to investigate the effect of several key parameters on the circuit performances:
    R,L,C, temperature, supply voltage, etc.
  • Huge device simulation model library.
  • Inbuilt interconnect analyzer to compute field between ground planes and conductor.
  • Enhanced memory utilization for faster simulation.
  • Onscreen storage of waveforms for result hold-on.
  • Forward & backward buttons to move in simulation results.

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