Precision CMOS layout editor, with nanotechnology support.


MICROWIND possess a precision CMOS layout editor, which supports technologies right from 1.2┬Ám till 14 nm FinFET Technology with unsurpassed illustration capabilities. With its enhanced editing commands and layout control your development times would be shorter than you ever imagined.


  • Now with FinFET technology support.
  • Convert layout into schematic (beta test).
  • Sub-micron, deep-submicron, ultra deep-submicron, nanoscale technology support.
  • Design-error-free cell library (Contacts, vias, MOS devices, etc.).
  • Advanced macro generator (Capacitor, MOS transistor, matrix, ROM, pads, inductors, path, etc.)
  • Virtual components library (R,L,C, etc) for faster simulation response
  • Incredible translator from logic expression into compact design-error free layout.
  • New DRC lister, now visualize DRC errors and navigate to error location with ease.
  • Powerful automatic compiler from Verilog structure circuit into layout.
  • Re-organize Verilog netlist with wires or gates, can improve area.
  • Built-in extractor which generates a SPICE netlist from layout.
  • Extraction of all MOS width and length.
  • Parasitic capacitance, inductance, crosstalk and resistance extracted for all electrical nodes.
  • Modular design support with insert mask layout facility.
  • Import/Export CIF layout from 3rd party layout tools.
  • Supports up to 100,000 elementary boxes.
  • Lock & unlock layers to protect some part of the design from any changes.
  • Support upto 8 metal layers for DSM technologies.
  • Global delay evaluation of circuit with facility to dump RC values.
  • Global cross talk analyzer.
  • Inversion of diffusions boxes.
  • Easy label listing.
  • Enhanced mathematical signal description for advance users.
  • Zoom in navigator.
  • Enhanced memory utilization for faster simulation.
  • Silicon atom viewer with 3D support allows students to understand Si atom structure.

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